K'uei Hsing- the god of examinations.

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K'uei, or simply Kuei, was once a brilliant scholar who passed his Imperial Examination with perfect marks. The Emperor refused to allow Kuei to become a member of the government, however, because he was a dwarf and very ugly. Outraged, Kuei attempted to kill himself, but was rescued by an ao turtle, or ao fish in some versions. He became the god of examinations. Scholars prayed to him and honored him because he helped people when taking their Imperial Examinations. Kuei "examines" each man to determine his worth and his ability, and helps or hinders them accordingly. Kuei is typically depicted standing on his right foot, on the head of a fish or turtle, with his left leg lifted behind. He holds a brush with with which he can record the names of individuals in the Jade Emperor's book in his right hand, and the Imperial Seal in his left.

I like Kuei. He is very wise and intelligent, and uses reason and fairness to judge individuals rather than choosing who he wants. He helps those who are honest and smart, and hinders the corrupt and evil. Kuei seems to be a pretty good god.

Two men are applying for a full scholarship at Harvard University. To get the scholarship, they must pass a test. One man is much more intelligent than the other, but he is from a small town, has no connections, and is very poor. But he has worked very hard to get where he is at, and he wants more than anything to go to Harvard. None of his family has gone to college, but he is confident he can get in. The other man is not as smart, but his very rich, and has many connections. His father went to Harvard and is now an extremely successful business man. The man has promised to richly reward the school officials if they give him the scholarship. The school has accepted the bribe, but has the two take the test anyways, just to see how the scores play out. In this scenario, Kuei, who supports the honest and intelligent, blesses the first man and gives him confidence and peace, causing him to earn a perfect score on his test. To the other man, he brings panic and nervousness, causing him to bomb the test and have a nervous breakdown. Despite the man's bribe, the school doesn't believe the man is capable of becoming a successful businessman, and so award the scholarship to the first man.

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