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(also known as Guan-Yu)

external image guan-gong-kuan-kung-who-is-regarded-as-the-god-of-war_1600x1200_7844.jpg

As told in Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, he started life as a mortal vendor of soya bean curd (see TO-FU). But after a heroic incident involving the rescue of a harassed lady and the killing of a tax inspector, he got the taste for battle and embarked on a famous military career with LIU-BEI and ZHANG-FEI, becoming one of the Three Brothers of the Peach Orchard.

Unusually for a God of War, he uses his skill to avoid confrontations if at all possible. A peace-loving deity, he tries to minimize every battle he's in. But his bravery is legendary.

In one famous tale, his arm was damaged in battle and needed surgery. To the incredulity of on-lookers, he calmly sat playing Solitaire while field surgeons did excruciating things to his tendons. (Just as well Solitaire is a one-handed game.)

When he was finally captured, GUAN-YU was told by Wu, the evil new Emperor, to change sides or face death. GUAN-YU not only refused, he uttered a terrible insult which made even the soldiers blush.

Loyal GUAN-YU knew that changing sides during a war was not only immoral but also against the Law. For his bravery, and because he died defending legal issues, he also became the patron God of Police Officers.

Legend tells that after he died, GUAN-YU appeared before a meditating Master of Buddhism and asked for spiritual guidance, which was only natural under the circumstances.

Quickly learning the Five Precepts, he became a Buddhist, reached Enlightenment, and now devotes the rest of his Immortality to defending the faith. A completely honorary position, but extremely well-regarded.

Finally, GUAN-YU is also worshipped as a God of Literature — because he managed to read a whole page of Confucius without going cross-eyed.


I believe that Kuan Kung was a very powerful person. But also a loyal one. He was such a hero to all those around him, because he fought till the very end. He was always loyal to his country. He was one of the greatest heroes there was ever to live. And thats how we will always be thought of. Never did he want to hurt others if there was another way.

external image WoundedVeterans.jpg
Kuan Kung would handle a modern day issue by avoiding the conflict in Iraq. He would try to avoid the ward at all costs before 9/11. After the bombing, however, he would do his best to fight for his country, if Kuan Kung was a leader of the US.