Liu Pei
He was very tall in height, he did not so emotion, he loved animals, music, beautiful clothes, and making friends with other heros. Originally he grew up poor he sold straw mats and shoes to make a living. Him and his two sworn brothers formed troops to fight against the insurrections, soon after Liu Pei was appointed county governor and worked his way up to chief executive.He fought against Cao 's troops defeating them. Later he claimed himself as emperor. He was equal with his people treating everyone with compassion and loving to see the talents of many people. In 223 he was finally defeated by The Kingdom of Wu.

My opinion of Liu Pei, is that he is a real WAR hero, he defeated a lot of other countries/ troops and helped his country through a few rough patches.Also because he is still known to be compassionate and good to his people.

A brief scenario to describe how I think the god would be to handle a situation today is, with the problem with the twin towers i think that he would have handled it the same as the U.S. did by going to war with them because he obviously likes that