LU PAN (god of builders)

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My opinion

It says that he is responsible for some of the most amazing Chinese architecture, in particular the dragon motifs which decorate many ancient temples. So my opinion on him is that he was a hard worker and that he was very giving to people. He is known that have invented the first flying machine, a kite-like object made of wood. The flying dragons probably inspired that too, so i also think that he is a very smart person.

His myth:

he visited AO-KUANG the Dragon King of the Eastern Ocean, to ask if he might be able to use his magnificent Underwater Crystal Palace as a template. The King was highly flattered and said"Very well.", and that he would deliever it first thing in the morning. But he would need it back in three days, because he was expecting company. As promised, the palace was flown over by a team of dragons and LU-pan set to work on his own version. Unfortunately, the palace was so impressively built that after three days he'd only managed to lay a few foundations and order the timber. He wanted more time... so Along came the dragons to collect the palace. With a nod to LU-pan, they clustered around the building and began to lift. Funny, it wouldn't budge. They heaved and strained but it was stuck fast. LU-pan had nailed it to the ground. That night the Dragon King was furious. He sent an army of dragons, crabs and sea monsters, but none of them had ever seen a nail before. The palace remained firmly in place. As the sun rose on the fourth day, the sea creatures scuttled back to the sea, but the dragons kept straining to lift the building. It was a very hot day and they all collapsed from heat exhaustion. To LU-pan's amazed delight, their dried-out bodies curled around the palace and around each other, and presented an awesomely impressive spectacle. He immediately tore up his blueprints and began plans for a range of Dragon Temples. These were highly successful and are still seen in China today.

An original scenario:

It seems that LU-pan was drawing up blueprints for a wonderful new building.

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