Include on your page:
  • your god's name - Ào Ming, Ào Shun, Ào Ji, Ào Guǎng
  • a picture of your god external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTHkTrHqHVpM3HtXlPH9aomLPf_FCqO1VF014gclPhCcW6qlNUxyA&t=1
  • the myth associated with the god - rule the four seas
  • your opinion of the god - Ào Shun concerning a battle with the Bā Xiān over the death of their servant.
Ào Ji coerced into giving Wùkōng the golden chain mail. Ào Ming coerced into giving Wùkōng the Ǒusībùyúnlǚ.
Ào Guǎng and the other Lóng Wáng hold Nézhā's parents hostage, trading them back in exchange for Nézhā's internal organs.
  • a brief, original scenario in which you describe how this god would handle a modern-day problem-
They could stop the water from flooding in America
  • a picture or video that relates to the problem with which the god is dealing
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