My god is Pan Ku, the creator god.
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The universe was a huge black egg in the beggining, with pan ku asleep inside it, he woke and broke the shell open with a large ax, the silky white of the egg became the heaven and the lumpy yoke became earth, pan ku was fasinated by this but feared that the earth would rise and the heavens would sink, so he positioned himself between the two, over the years pan ku grew about 3 meters a day, so 18,000 years passed and the heaven was far enough away from earth that it would not fall onto earth, with that accomplished, pan ku passed away, his breath becoming the wind, his sweat the rain, his voice the thunder and all the rest of his body became something of use, in some legends the fleas in his pelt fell to earth and became the ansestors of the human race.
To me pan ku sounds like a swell guy, he worried for the heavens and the earth so he lived his whole life keeping the heavens from falling onto the earth and died when he succeded, he also was a median for yin and yang.
I can see pan ku seeing a fight going on and going over to stop it, he splits the fight up and makes them talk about it and finally resolves the fight with a compromise
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