Shen Nung- god of medicine, pharmacy, and agriculture



Shen Nung was the first man to discover tea. He believed in the power of herbs and ate over 365 medicinal plants to expand his knowledge. One day he went to observe a group of farmers. He was boiling a pot of water for drinking when a leave off of a nearby tree fell into the pot. The pot began to turn a color. The emperor grew curious and took a drink from his organic mix. This was the first cup of tea.

he is very wise and he created medicine that helped people.


  • A young boy whos mother is a dug addict is taken away from his home because of this, already placed in a child care he kneels by his bed and prays to the god Shen Nung to help cure his mother. He loves his mother so much he prays every night, till the day his mother goes and finds help so she can get her son back. In the end they are together and the little boy thanks the god of medicine, pharmacy and agriculture .