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Ts'ai Shen
external image amuletjewel_com_0172_1_8_img1__0037.jpg
god of wealth, delights his worshippers with his Wealth Tree God Power. When cast, a marvelous but short-lived tree appears with golden fruit. The tree contains more gold than a normal mine, but must be picked rather than mined, so mining techs do not speed the gathering process. Once a mortal general named Zhao who fought for the Emperor Zhou, he rode a black tiger into battle and was armed with exploding pearls. Fat and cheerful, he still rides his black tiger and wields a rod of iron. His Godly Accountant is a dab hand with diamonds and pearls, and putting an image of him in your home will do your bank balance no end of good.

in my opinion, everyone must have loved ts'ai shen because he granted people money! he always wore wonderful silk robes and was always happy and happy to give!

if ts'ai had a friend with money problems, he would cast him a golden fruit tree so that the friend could pick the fruit and be wealthy!