Tung-Yueh Ta-Ti

Ruler of the underworld, and god of the Tai Shan mountain

Aaron Lytle
He is the ruler of the underworld, and decides when all men die which he calculates on an abacus.
He is also the emperor of the of the sacred T'ai Shan Mountain.
I feel that this god is extremely cool, but there is very little information about him.
In eastern Kentucky coal miners have depleted the natural resource from the underground mines. They recently have begun blasting the tops of mountains to find new coal deposits. While wondering around the world Tung-Yueh Ta-Ti found that his beloved mountains were being destroyed. He approached the CEO of the company and demanded that he stop destroying mountains. The man refused so Tung-Yueh Ta-Ti killed him and the rest of the administration. The workers then complained about being out of a job and they to were brought to the Underworld. The people of eastern Kentucky were so happy that their mountains were saved that they began to worship the great Tung-Yueh Ta-Ti.