• Yen-Lo Wang


Yen-Lo Wang is the God of hell. The ruler of the 5th court of the chinese hell Yen-Lo was originally ruller of the forst court but was domenated for leniency, The monkey came and visited Yen-Lo but all he did was cause trouble while he was there and that is when Yen-Lo made his security tighter then it was so it wouldnt happen again. makes souls miserable and that made everyone happy again exspect the souls that he is making miserable.

My opinion of the god would be that he seems like the type of person that would be perfect to rule the underworld and keep things in order.
I think that if someone was getting robed like an old lady getting her purse stolen i think that Yen-Lo would damn that dude to hell to make his life miserable because he did something wrong he stole from an old lady.