Yi and Chang-o

The sky was originally lit by ten suns, their heat scorched the earth and crops so that the people had nothing to eat. To save the world from imminent starvation China's most famous archer, Yi, shot down nine of the suns with his bow and then elimnated the land of snakes and beasts so people could live in peace. Unfortunately for Yi, these ten suns turned out to be the sons of the Jade Emperor, who was so angered by the loss of his sons, that he banished the archer together with his wife, Chang O, and children from the face of the earth. When the Western Goddess discovered what had happened, she took pity on Hou Yi, giving him an elixir of immortality. But Chang O greedily swallowed the potion by herself and as the concoction worked through her body she became lighter and lighter and floated up into the sky. Fearing that the deities in heaven would laugh at her, she took refuge on the moon, building there a palace known as the "Cold Palace," where she lives to this very day as the Lady of the Moon. Since it is believed that Chang O floated to the moon on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon, people offer annual prayer and sacrifices to the moon on that day to commemorate the event.
It is said that Chang O transforms herself into brilliant moonlight and descends to earth to offer good fortune. Thus, couples to swear their mutual love under the full moon and separated lovers to pray to the for reunion under the full moon.

My opinion of the god was that Yi was very brave. He cared about his wife so much. He shot down nine of the moons so the human race could live. He's selfless.

As for Chang-o, The greedy wife of the ill-fated yi she gulped down his share of Elixir of Life, leaving him with nothing. She may have heard the Elixir was great for losing weight — but when she became truly weightless and started floating up to Heaven, she began to regret her impulsiveness.

A modern day problem would be, if someone broke into my house and I was in danger and they were stealing my valuable things, a police officer would come and rescue us. Hopefully catch catch who it was and they wouldn't do it again. Yi would have done the same thing, he did stop the suns from ruining the earth and kept all the people alive.