Name: Yu Huang Shang-Ti ~ 玉 皇 大 帝
Aka: The Jade Emperor-Ruler of the Heavens
What He Did: The Jade Emperor made men from clay. This court rewards good and punishes wrongdoing. The Jade Emperor sees and hears all. His court in heaven judges souls and sends them on. He is the supreme ruler of Heavens, the hades and the protector of mankind according to Chinese folklore religion and the highest ranking deity of the Taoist pantheon.
Myth: There is very little known of how Yu Huang became ruler of the Chinese Gods as many of the stories about him are fragmentary and often conflict each other. He was the son of Yuang Shi Tian Long, But was raised by mortal parents named Ching Te and Pao Yeuh possibly to protect him from battle between Gong Gung, the water god, and Zhu Rong, the fire god, for control of China and the ruling gods of China. Gong Gung shattered Mount Buzhou and caused successive rains to cover the world in a vast flood. Yu Huang, however, became a cupbearer to Yuang-Shi possibly unaware the old god was his father. When the reign of the old god came to an end, he named Yu Huang as his successor as Emperor of China. Yu Huang turned down the role believing he was not worthy and made his mortal brother, Yen Ti, Emperor of China, as he himself disappeared into the wilderness to attain physical perfection. He later returned years later as Huang Ti to succeed his brother as Emperor. When Chi Yu, the war-god, stormed heaven to lead the gods, Yu Huang defeated him and passed on the leadership of mortals to a mortal emperor named Chuan Hsing. Yu Huang’s great-grandson, Gun (Also named Kun) finally eliminated the floods created by Gong Gung by using a spell from heaven to create dams.
Opinion: He's a pretty cool guy. Had a lot of stuff happen to him that made him makes tough decisions and plus the fact he was never with his biological parents could’ve made it hard for him too. There isn’t much known about the Jade Emperor so I cant say I hate him for anything. I personally think it's pretty cool how he made armies out of clay men. :)